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我司除有專業的美容顧問無時無刻ON-CALL為客戶提供服務外,還有美肌專門的設計部可為客戶度身訂做任何護肌產品;適合對委託代工OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing)有興趣之人仕。




Wing Fung International Holdings Limited

Wing Fung International Holdings Limited is a large scale skincare product old and famous wholesaler established since 1985. We are one of the very few companies in Hong Kong that have a Hong Kong Government certified factory license that is manufacturing approved. We are a welly established foundation and we achieve the international ISO standard. We import and adopt the ingredients and technology from other countries such as Switzerland, France and Japan, produces various products such as soft powder, paper masks, treatments that fit for both professional use and the retail market.


We have a professional beauty consulting team that offer consultation anytime, and our product development team can customize any product in order to fit the need of every single client, which is known as – professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).


With Wing Fung’s professionalism and sincere service attitude, innovative and reasonable pricing strategy, we continuously being support and gained trust from spa and beauty centers.

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